Algae Power Solutions


Algae Power Solutions Ltd founded in 2012 for the commercialisation of algae energy products (i.e. algae try mass and algae oil).

Shareholders and partners of Algae Energy have been involved in the energy sector for decades as developers, engineers and entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to become a key producer and supplier of competitive, secure, and environmentally sound algae biomass by applying simple, grassroots technology to alternative farming

Energy business sectors of engagement

-  Sales of Algae try mass

-  Sales of Crude Algae Oil

-  Production of Algae Bio Diesel

-  Self utilization of all the above products


The basic idea

  • An innovative business model in the sector of alternative agriculture
  • Production of algae biomass with high calorific value sold at a competitive price for use as alternative fuel by the international market
  • Exploitation of arid or low productivity land
  • Long term off-taking contracts with local and international small and medium energy consumers (i.e. food, agricultural, roto molding industries) and big international energy consumers (i.e. cement and power producers)
  • Land specifications for cultivation of algae:
    • Flat land
    • Arid or low productivity land

Our Advantage  

In the “Algae World” many alternative proposals are available.

Everyone involved in the alternative fuel sector agrees the algae is the ideal alternative fuel.

Among algal fuels' attractive characteristics:

  1. Can be grown with minimal impact on fresh water resources
  2. Can be produced using ocean and wastewater
  3. They are biodegradable harmless to the environment if spilled
  4.  Depending the algae strain the lipid content can reach up to 50%.

Algae can be used as fuel in three different forms:

  1. As dry mass (10% moister, powder or pellets) can be used in solid-fuel boilers
  2. As crud oil (following the extraction of the oil from the dry mass) in marine internal combustion engines  
  3. As biodiesel following the transesterification of the bio-oil

The critical question today is the cost of the algae fuel (dry mass, bio-oil or biodiesel).

The end user (marine, aviation, industry) price of the Algae fuel is our advantage !

Working for years with many different alternative production processes we have managed to reduce the production cost in favor to the competiveness of algae fuel (dry mass or oil).

Today we able to delivery algae fuel (algae dry mass or algae oil) in competitive prices to any other fuel (MGO, MDO, Jet fuel, Diesel, LPG etc) anywhere in the world.