I live in Greece, but I am not a Greek citizen. Can I still participate in this Competition?
As long your permanent residence is in Greece and you live here legally, you may participate in the Competition.
Who are the evaluators of the proposals?
The evaluation will be done in three stages, by an independent consulting company, by distinguished professors from universities in Greece and abroad, and by successful entrepreneurs. The names of the Evaluators will be released after the announcement of the winners.
How and why have these particular categories been selected for proposal areas?
A basic factor for the development of the Greek economy is to prioritize those sectors in which Greece, due to the country’s geopolitical position, resources, and characteristics, has—or could have—competitive advantages. The Organization Team of the Competition consider that these thematic categories meet the requirements for such competitive advantages.

I have already submitted my proposal, but I need to amend it. How may I do that?
In order to assure integrity and transparency, we cannot match the proposals submitted with personal details of the person(s) who made the submission. Thus, it is not possible to amend your proposal after submission.

I have already submitted my proposal. How may I get informed about any updates?
In order to assure integrity and transparency, we cannot match the submitted proposals with personal details of the persons who made the submission. Therefore, you will be informed only in case your proposal enters the finalists.

I have already submitted a proposal. May I submit a second one, in the same or other category?
You may submit up to 1 proposal in each category. You may not submit a second proposal in the same category.

My proposal is supported by relevant documentation. May I mail it by post?
No. All proposals will be submitted online, using the submission form. Any extra documentation or files can be uploaded, together with your proposal.