Health and Wellness

We invite proposals that have a strong innovation content, a clear intellectual property position and offer distinct advantages in connection with the efficacy, safety or compliance of therapies. Additional points will be awarded for potential utility to existing Greek biopharma companies.

Delivery technology

  • Delivery technologies for increased benefit or patient compliance
  • Drug-medicaldevicecombinationtherapies

Medical Devices

  • Medical Devices to ease doctor’s practice in Hospital or therapy at Home
  • Innovative devices for specialist patient categories

Novel Diagnostics and Biomarkers

  • Diagnostic devices, reagent technologies/products and biomarkers

Newtherapies Early stage development

  • Super-generics, bio-betters and repositioned drugs to create new or improve existing therapies and address Life Cycle Management considerations.
  • New Combination therapies
  • Novel formulations and delivery methods for specific patient populations

New IT solutions to Medical practice

  • Novel uses of patient record data (EHRs)
  • Health applications
  • Approaches to identifying and presenting in easily understood ways drug – nutritional supplement (NS) or NS-NS, or drug-drug  adverse interactions
  • Combination of clinical data with biomarkers and patients characteristics for target sub-populations identification
  • Stand-alone or device-embedded IT solutions for patient-centric services or therapeutic solutions

Pharmaceutical Herbs and Cosmetics

  • Innovative package-marketing of Pharmaceutical Herbs
  • Drug effectiveness enhancing devices that combine chemical to electric, electromagnetic or photonic energy in a novel drug/ device combination.
  • Personal care devices for Hospital or Home Care, bringing solutions to medical or paramedical practice like acupuncture, electrotherapy, phototherapy etc

Areas to exclude: Any practice that cannot clearly reflect a measurable benefit with a distinct advantage in connection with the efficacy, safety or compliance (e.g. massage)