SAP AG services and products are provided in theGreek market through SAP Hellas SA which offices are based in Athens and Nicosia serving Greece and Cyprus respectively.
SAP HellasSA was founded in October 1994 to spread SAP software in Greece.Since then there have been more than1300 installations in companies of all sizes.

In order to help our customers stay ahead of change, SAP has developed a portfolio strategy that consists of synchronized investments in applications, analytics, mobile, cloud, and database and technology. The five elements are combined into solutions and best practices to help companies in 24 different industries run better. Take for example SAP HANA, our revolutionary in-memory platform, which is helping customers access and deliver information at unprecedented speeds up to 100,000 times faster than before!

SAP Hellas is dedicated to serving its customers and contributes to their developmentin order for them to reach the best performance out of their systems, the human resources and their business activities.

Partners’ Channel
No single company can do it all. We at SAP recognize the vital role partners play in helping our customers achieve results. Our Ecosystem of Partners, communities and customers provides a strong foundation of support and collaboration, delivering exceptional value and tailored solutions to help meet the specific needs of your business.

Human Resources
Human Resources is a very important area for SAP Hellas SA., which now employs more than 70people.SAP Hellasinvests heavilyin its people, who are its greatestasset.

Corporate Social Responsibility
SAP's corporate social responsibility program in Greece and Cyprus supports a wide range of projects and activities – from corporate philanthropy to higher learning. The program demonstrates how incorporating community stakeholders into our business network not only support corporate goals and responsibility, but also encourage nonprofit organizations to promote social change in a positive and sustainable way. In addition to specific local programs, SAP encourages and supports employee volunteerism.