Bodossaki Foundation

The Bodossaki Foundation was founded in 1972 by Prodromos Bodossakis-Athanassiades, who decided to donate all his property for the promotion of education, research, health, medical care and environmental protection.

The Foundation since its inception has spent more than € 250 million to reduce inequality of opportunities, to educate youth, to improve medical and research infrastructure and to protect the environment.

The strengthening of civil society and the creation of strong relationships with NGOs has been one of the main objectives of the Foundation contributing in that manner to the strengthening of democratic institutions, the promotion of social justice and the reduction of economic inequality.

The Foundation places great emphasis on youth education and cooperates with leading universities around the world in order to implement scholarship programs for graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral studies. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to young Greeks to work in other European countries through financing and implementing an internship program in cooperation with important European organizations and corporations. The foundation tries to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and to assist in the improvement of the critical sectors of Public Administration.

The Foundation has established since 1993 awards of scientific excellence in order to support the work of Greek scientists and organizes seminars and events for the promotion and dissemination of scientific and academic knowledge.

One of the priorities of the Foundation is to ensure equitable access to health care with special emphasis on socially vulnerable groups, while improving the quality of medical services.  In addition, the Foundation funds the development of medical and research infrastructure, as well as the purchase of medical and laboratory equipment for hospitals and research centers.