History & Business object

Chipita S.A., was founded in 1973, with a dynamic entry in the Greek market, launching Salty Snacks products. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of the pre-packed flour-based snacks internationally, amounting sales over 500 million euros. Its main product categories include:

  • croissants,
  • salty snacks and
  • cakes.

Chipita S.A. has surpassed the boundaries of the Greek market and today it operates in 4 continents, with 10 manufacturing plants and product presence in more than 30 countries. Chipita has evolved into one of the largest international companies of Greek origin and one of the largest and fastest growing food-producing companies in this market. The vision, apart from keeping its leading position in the countries that already operates, is the further growth and development in new markets, driven by the philosophy of high quality products, respect for the consumers and innovative products of high standards.


Chipita's products are unique in their market, thanks to the continuous research and innovation in production technology. Production takes place under high quality standards and safety in fully automated factories through advanced production methods and internationally certified compliant with HACCP, IFS and AIB.


7DAYS is the main brand of the company, innovative, modern and timeless. It has a presence in many product categories in order to offer the consumer the best and largest selection for a quick snacking.


Molto is the largest, Greek, dominant and most recognizable brand of single croissants in the Greek snack market, that managed to earn the consumer’s trust, from the first moment.


It is one of the most recognizable and historical brands in the salty snack market, with corn and cheese as the key ingredients, targeted in all ages.


The chocolate Fineti brand is present in more than 35 countries with high quality products, in various flavors and packages, in order to meet all consumers’ needs.


Spin Span is produced in Greece and is one of the major players in the market of jams. The brand consists of a wide range of flavors and sizes.