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SBC Channel is the first private TV Channel broadcasting in Greece, with emphasis on Financial, Business and Stock Exchange Market Information topics.

  • It provides, on a daily basis, up to date information on the current local and international financial developments.
  • It informs the public on matters of investment awareness and on the framework and rules governing business in Greece.
  • SBC editing team gathers and filters information from a vast array of reporting sources from Greece, Europe and USA.
  • Data are selected so as to provide the best and effective information to TV audience-investors, presenting business data that are easy to understand and utilize.
  • The knowledge of our analysts, experts and journalists, extracts value from information data and transforms them into an investment tool for financial activities in areas as Real Estate, Trade, Stock Exchange, Technology, Labor Market, Shipping, Healthcare and Tourism
  • SBC is broadcasted in Athens, through DIGEA from frequencies UHF63 for Ymittos & Aegina & UHF36 for Parnitha, Salonika, through our collaboration with TV Thessaloniki, and nationally through the collaboration with OTE TV, increasing even more the number of its viewers.


Our goals


  • To provide daily information on the current economic situation and developments.
  • To record and present the economic facts related to the Greek and International Markets.
  • To provide, on a daily basis, up to date information, focusing on the most important business developments in Greece and abroad.
  • To provide coverage on news from NE Europe enriching channel’s range of topics.


Promotion planning


  • Interviews
  • Public Relations Activities
  • Announcements and Press Releases
  • Live “on air” telephone interviews
  • Road shows – Tributes – Corporate videos
  • Sponsorships
  • Spots
  • ID’s sponsorships
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Our program is accessible from literally anywhere through our website (24hours WEBTV live streaming).