Multitank Holding trades and distributes the innovative product MultitankTM, a plastic, conical, rectangular tank 440 liters, for packaging and transporting food products.

Located in Greece and Switzerland has worldwide sales activity.

Owing its own molds, Multitank Holding cooperates with the leaders in plastic industry for producing MultitankTM. MultitankTM is a packaging material.

Due to its innovative features, it is extremely economical in use and environmental friendly.

Using MultitankTM minimized packaging costs, optimizes the storage and logistic costs, reducing dramatically carbon footprint.

MultitankTM assures in customers, profitable results, in harmony with environmental sustainability.

Our main corporate target is, a continued worldwide expansion in food industries, gradually replacing plastic and metal drums, or other expensive non-returnable containers (IBC, pallet boxes etc).

We effort to international market, utilizing innovative skills and human resource grow, with respect to human values and the environment sustainability.

Multitank Holding was founded in late 2012 between a group of Greek Investors and Inventor’s development and design team.

Applying our business plan, we look forward in market trade penetration of 1.25 million MultitankTM in the next 10 years, investing gradually our independent production lines.

At the same time we plan to extend our range, developing new products such as MultitankTM 880 and MultitankTM 220.

Achieving our sales targets, we will result a reduction of 7.5 million tons of CO2 emissions.

MultitankTM has been awarded in MIW competition 2012, winning the first prize in the field of green energy.