EMEA Business Monitor

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EMEA Business Monitor (www.emea.gr) constitutes a pioneer business portal which covers the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa, emphasizing in the Southeastern European countries and in the markets where Greek companies take dynamic action, opening as such new paths in the business and financial news reports sectors in Greece.  

Through its e-pages, the readers have the opportunity, for the first time in the country’s short electronic journalistic history, to get informed about the processes which take place in different international markets with Greek business interest. In the same time, the portal presents the evolution of the country’s leading companies worldwide and informs its readers about the local financial, political and social news.

In a period when Greece, despite the economic crisis, still constitutes the vaulting lever in the deployment of the developmental policy in the regions of Southeastern Europe and Middle East, EMEA Business Monitor is going to play the role of a main informative and communicative vehicle, focusing in the business and finance sectors.          

Thanks to a reliable, professional, valid and up to date approach towards information, the portal offers to its visitors in Greece, as well as to those in the countries of Southeastern Europe and Middle East, a rich, global and multilateral view in all areas of business and economical activity.