Green Box Publishing SAis the essential institution of the rural – economic news information in Greece, with rich and complete contribution of quality editions.

  • Weekly nationwide circulation newspaper Agrenda
  • MonthlyMagazineProfi - European inspection of rural technology, equipment and economy .
  • Monthly Magazine Agroktima - edition of rural development and region.
  • - Internet electronic type of information.
  • Several extra editions :  Fresher- for fruits and vegetables, Olive plus, Fertilizer Management, Food Report, Farmers Market, Agronomist.



The weekly financial newspaper Agrenda, has been circulating for the last eight years on a national scale.

Agrenda nowadays consists the most valid journalistic medium, providing proper and necessary information in the field of rural economy and for the reason that it has gained communication unity in this special sector. Agrenda responds to the expectations of the rural society and the consumers, in the field of providing information, as a communication medium, responding as well as to the needs of businesses connected to rural production.


Through its 56 pages, newspaper Agrenda, our creative edition, contains plenty of subjects about:

  • Agriculture  - Stockbreeding  - Food markets  - Business pioneering -
  • Agritourism - Social life and countryside civilization

Agrenda is available at news stands every Saturday, and its average sales, including subscriptions, has well surpassed 15.000 copies per week. These figures place it first among the weekly financial newspapers in Greece. is the  electronic magazine of  Green Box Publishing Group. It has been widely accepted in the modern rural society and has managed to consist of the most ideal display medium for every business unit desiring production promotion. It provides real-time information on the latest developments in the agricultural sector and has established itself as the prime source of information for all the players in the agrifood business. Its visit rate exceeds 350.000 visitors each month, a number which is steadily increasing.