Athens Exchange

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX), established in 1876, is the organized market for equities’ and derivatives’ trading in Greece.

ATHEX is a fully owned subsidiary of Hellenic Exchanges (HELEX), the parent company of the HELEX Group which provides trading, clearing, settlement, registration and data vending services to its clients.

HELEX has been listed in the Athens Exchange since August 2000 and was fully privatized in September 2003.

The Athens Exchange is the primary market for securities, derivative products and ETFs trading in Greece, both for private and institutional investors. The Exchange has attracted significant capital flows from abroad. Almost 50% of the total Greek market capitalization is in the hands of international institutional investors, who on average do approximately 50% of the trading activity by value. It provides the regulatory framework, for conducting transactions, for dissemination of information related to its listed companies and market participants, to the investment community. Our mission is to provide an efficient, transparent and accessible exchange market with a simplified admission procedure.

Athens Exchange has 265 listed companies, a market capitalization of approx. €59bn, an average daily turnover of €76m, and an average daily volume of 57,8m shares.