Tourism and Culture

Greece can develop Tourist Industry, by redefining its policy and drawing a long-term strategy for developing Greek tourism that will no longer focus on the number but on the quality of the arrivals and the volume of visitors’ consumption. Such forms of tourism are:

  • Agrotourism
  • Ecotourism – nature-loving tourism
  • Archaeologicaltourism
  • Conference tourism
  • Alpine and hiking tourism
  • Educational – cultural tourism
  • Health – spa tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • Sport tourism
  • Winter tourism
  • Coastal, sea tourism and wetland tourism
  • Religious tourism

The submitted proposals should among others focus on:

  • Prolonging the tourist period throughout Greece.
  • Diversifying to alternative forms to the summer sun and beach tourism (conferences, classical Greece, sports etc.).
  • Implementing new marketing approaches for better branding the country’s image.
  • Initiating new type of events for increasing the number of foreign visitors (festivals, sports tournaments, educational tours, etc).
  • Reinforcing domestic tourism.
  • Initiating new project developments (i.e. special theme parks).