Alternative Agriculture

In a global, highly competitive market, Greek farmers have the advantage of producing local high-quality products that are preferred by local and foreign consumers. They mainly have deficiencies in their entrepreneurial basis and organization, preventing them from being able to respond to the changing conditions of international markets, gathering necessary funds and benefiting from the constantly improving infrastructures.

However, for the Greek agriculture to remain competitive, it needs to focus on:

  • Decreasing the Greek products’ production and selling cost, as well as producing organic and other special products of high demand.
  • Increasing its export products through a strategy for promoting and highlighting the exceptional quality that is distinctive of the Greek products, which are therefore promoted in the markets under a recognizable brand name, acquiring a share in the global market.

The submitted proposals should be related to an agricultural strategy aiming, among others, to:

  • The introduction of high value added products and services aimed at international markets.
  • The implementation of high efficiency technologies for natural resources management such as water supply, soil fertility, etc.
  • The implementation of efficient methods for packaging, quality assurance and the transportation of goods.
  • The production and marketing of bio-cultural products.
  • The implementation of new methods aimed at decreasing the production and transportation costs (e.g. through clustering).
  • The implementation of effective marketing tools for the promotion of agricultural products.