Transportation, Logistics and Shipping

In transports, the prompt information of the public, the access to the information, the increased safety of air, road and rail transports, as well as the reliability of the services provided, are elements that, on the one part, create the basis for improving commercial transactions and supporting export activity and, on the other part, increase citizen satisfaction and proceeds.

However, in order to further develop shipping sector, the following have to be done:

  • In the Greek port sector, to promote the use and exploitation by private investors;
  • To reinforce shipping training in a traditional and demanding profession, where our country has been historically prominent;
  • To attract and retain young people in the profession, especially in periods of increased unemployment, and to preserve the Greek crew quotas;
  • To address contemporaneous threats, such as piracy and terrorism.

The submitted proposals should among others focus on:

  • Improving the quality and safety of transportation and shipping.
  • Improving the logistics market in Greece.
  • Identifying opportunities for new destinations for the Greek products.
  • Increasing accessibility to the production area and markets.
  • Initiating new projects and services (marinas, ports, freight villages/logistics platforms, intermodal connections, railways) that would foster Greece’s position as a major world transportation hub.
  • Exploiting specialized services on the maintenance sector (i.e. shipyard repairing).
  • Adopting new green technologies in transportation and shipping.
  • Increasing transport security
  • Providing transport related services and operations, by applying of information / telematics/ internet technologies
  • Enabling transport and telecommunication links.