Entitled to participate in the present Competition are all Greek as well as European citizens and foreigners legally living and working in Greece, and meeting all the relevant legal prerequisites, individuals of the wider Greek Diaspora, as well as businesses or foundations mostly of Greek interests or associations/groups of people consisting of Greek or European citizens or individuals of the wider Greek Diaspora. 

Persons participating in the Competition must have reached adulthood, in accordance with the applicable legislation of their citizenship, at the time of submitting their proposals.

Legal Entities/foundations or groups/associations of people may participate in the Competition through their legal or authorized representatives.

The necessary requirements for participating are the following:

  • The proposal must be the original creation of the Participant.
  • The proposal must follow the MIW Competition terms and conditions, as described here.
  • The proposals, which will be selected and awarded, should be implemented within Greece, under the supervision of the MIW Contest Organization Committee.


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