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Greece is on a path to building a new economic and social model that embraces transparency, meritocracy, and a can-do spirit. Entrepreneurship and innovation are recognized as two of the most important components to drive economic growth and job creation, leading to a sustainable economy that supports local and foreign direct investment (FDI).

The Make Innovation Work business plan competition is designed to help bring innovative ideas to market. Equally important, it is designed to spur the imagination, foster the notion that the best way forward is one that is self-directed, and provide the tools and assistance that people need to enter a challenging, rewarding, and deeply satisfying career path. The most comprehensive proposals will be selected and recognized by the evaluation committee, and they shall clearly demonstrate that Greece has significant and promising reserves of innovative and entrepreneurial talent which, with the proper support, can assist in the development of our country.

Make Innovation Work supports the vision of a new Greece, a Greece that encourages initiative, out-of-the box, critical thinking, and the quest for ideas and solutions, through risk and reward, that advance the notion of a better society for all.

The 3d MIW competition encourages companies that focus on modern technologies and innovative/alternative forms of:

  • production/food processing and beverages
  • agriculture, aquaculture, farming
  • tourism, culture and hospitality services
  • medical and diagnostic applications, new pharmaceutical products
  • energy and the environment
  • promotion-standardization-sales regarding wholesale and retail
  • telecommunications
  • supply chain management (warehousing and storage)
  • environmental technologies and applications in waste management
  • Internet of Things
  • cloud applications and management/data analysis (big data & analytics)
  • fintech applications