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Submission Instructions

Steps the user has to follow:

1. Register to the site by filling in all the necessary personal information from the SIGN IN | REGISTRATION field
2. Create a new account
3. The user will receive via email a link in order to create a profile
4. Completion of related fields and save
5. Complete / Submit the competition proposal (enter 3rd MIW competition) or submit the competition proposal from the PARTICIPATION field
6. Final submission of proposal



During the completion of the submission form, the user can save the form. After the final submission of the participation, the user can not edit, modify it but only see it. The system measures the answers in relation to the characters filled in the spaces. Even if a character has been given as a response, the system recognizes it as an answer. In order the user to complete next fields previous fields completion is a prerequisite. The appropriate completion of the submission proposal fields is a solely responsibility of the user. The system does not check whether all the appropriate fields have been completed successfully.